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Paje Police Station

Weekend Njema

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Zanzibar sunset

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Jumapili Njema....

Umeme utarudi karibuni...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hilton Resort Zanzibar, Nungwi.

McLaren Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd today announced that it has successfully integrated crucial communication solutions and guest services to the two Doubletree by Hilton properties in Tanzania. The Doubletree by Hilton Dar Es Salaam, Oyster Bay is an ocean front property, located on the mainland, whilst the Doubletree by Hilton Resort Zanzibar, Nungwi is located on the northern tip of the island Zanzibar.

Implementing only the leading brands, Hilton Worldwide has entrusted ‘Best of Breed’ Technology provider McLaren Technologies with these critical Enterprise Solutions to any hotels’ revenue and service source.

Waseem Farouk, Senior Director IT at Hilton Worldwide Middle East & Africa said – “After successfully integrating the Jazz and DuVoice systems into our new Hilton Garden Inn Riyadh Olaya property, the McLaren team were the obvious choice for our new African properties. Jazz call accounting has served us well in Riyadh delivering enhanced functionality and increased corporate control of our communications infrastructure and billing at each property, plus delivered cost savings through the elimination of premise based systems and servers. DuVoice has delivered flexible configuration options to meet the needs of the individual hotels, guests and staff. We are 100% confident that these two systems will deliver the same value at our new Tanzanian properties.

The experience and professional approach that the McLaren Technologies technical team always deliver made them the clear choice for this and future projects.”


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Maalim Seif: Alivyopokelewa Uk...

Hili ni moja ya mabango yaliyomkaribisha Maalim Seif katika mkutano wake, uliofanyika Jumamosi nchini UK.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Zanzibar offers free gas to check deforestation

IN efforts to control deforestation and promote environmental conservation on the islands, authorities in Zanzibar have announced free gas to all Zanzibar households that would abandon using firewood as fuel and switch to utilization of gas for domestic use.

The Director of Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits, and forestry Dr Bakar Aseid, told a press conference here that there were enough funds to pay for the gas for household that declared not to use firewood and charcoal for home use.

“We appeal to all Zanzibaris to find alternative energy to save the environment,” he said.

Dr Aseid said that free gas would be available from April this year under the project aiming at conserving the forests or trees.

“Only people who accept to change will get free gas starter kit,” he said.

The director said that about 526,000 US dollars was already available for the four year project run by his department in collaboration with Oryx Gas Limited, and Salama Gas Limited of Zanzibar and supported by “members of the business community and development partners.”

“A household, which buys gas accessories package for a 38kg, 15kg or 6kg gas cylinders will be entitled to get starter gas equivalent to the purchased package. The cost of the package (including gas paid by the project) is about 303,000/=, 193,000/=, and 92,000/= respectively,” said Dr Aseid.

He said that although there was a drop in the use of forest products since 2000 due to increased awareness, it was still important for Zanzibaris to unite in conserving the environment to avoid future negative impact of the climate change.

According to the 2007 study on energy balance, he said, 95 per cent of Zanzibaris use bio fuels, 3 per cent use petroleum products, and only 2 per cent use electricity from the national grid.

“The scale of deforestation remains worrying! While in the eastern areas of Zanzibar people destroy forest for source of energy, in the West people are felling trees because of expanding construction,” the director said.

Putting more emphasis on the environment conservation, the minister of agriculture, livestock, and environment Mr Burhani Saadat Haji also said at the conference that Zanzibar would be at the risk of ‘great’ erosion in the near future due to lack of trees including mangroves, if the current cutting down of trees was unchecked.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Trouble on Paradise Island.....

Robbery and power cuts – two of the problems awaiting visitors to the isle of Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar, just off the mainland of East Africa, receives 100,000 tourists each year, including many honeymooners. The allure is clear: beautiful beaches of powder-white sand, fascinating townscapes and tranquil waters with excellent scuba and snorkel potential. In addition, there are areas inland where spices grow in the wild.

But according to Chris McIntyre, author of the Bradt Guide to Zanzibar and proprietor of Expert Africa, "Zanzibar has more issues to grapple with than do other countries in sub-Saharan Africa."

Visitors to Zanzibar are being warned by the US State Department that travellers "are often targeted for robbery or assault" when walking on beaches and footpaths. That view is echoed by the Foreign Office – which warns of "robberies, some accompanied with violence, occurring on popular tourist beaches".

"Visitors to Zanzibar will probably have a very safe and enjoyable time," says McIntyre, "But it is more dangerous to visit Zanzibar then many other places. You need to understand the culture you are going to," he says.

The extent of crime, says Mr McIntyre, is a result of population and popularity: "Zanzibar is very busy with a population of nearly 100,000, and a constant stream of tourists all year round. The crime rates are therefore expected to be higher than other African destinations like Botswana for example, which has very few people and a very low level of tourism." He added: "Is it a more difficult country for people to visit than Botswana? Yes it is. But is it an absolutely dangerous place for people to visit? No."

The US State Department is also warning of the possibility of political unrest as voters register for elections due in October this year: "Past elections in Zanzibar have featured violence during the campaign season".

Visitors are advised by the Foreign Office to "dress modestly and refrain from intemperate public behaviour" when visiting Zanzibar. The FCO also expresses concerns about women's dress on the island, urging female travellers to avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless tops away from tourist resorts, especially in the capital, Stone Town. The official advice warns: "There have been cases where women travelling alone and in small groups have been verbally harassed in such areas."

Meanwhile there are other concerns for tourists. Zanzibar could be without mains electricity for the whole of February, following a technical failure on the submarine cable from the national grid in mainland Tanzania. This follows a similar blackout in 2008. The Foreign Office suggests "confirm with your hotel that they have a generator".

In addition, "Same gender sexual relations are illegal", though no one has been arrested or convicted for homosexuality in decades.

Rececca Buchan and Simon Calder

* One more concern, writes Francesca Lewis, is intellectual rather than intimidating. When you arrive in Stone Town, the capital of this exotic island, you are likely to be accosted by an enterprising young tour guide offering guided walking tours around the maze of streets.

The history of Zanzibar's British links is fascinating. In the 19th-century, Britain became involved with the island in a bid to put an end to slavery – something that was not achieved until 1876. By all means, go on the tour and explore the elegantly crumbling town, but when they take you to the city's Anglican cathedral and the adjoining St Monica's Hostel (now a tourist location) beware of the stories you'll hear.

The standard patter is that the site was previously a slave market, but in fact these cells were dry medicine storage units for the hospital next door, and built, in any case, after the abolition of slavery on the island. The real site of the old market can be tracked down across town among the foundations of the plush Serena Inn hotel.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Vyama vingine zaidi vyataka mseto....

Ni baada ya kutoshirikishwa katika mseto wa CCM na CUF

VYAMA 16 vya upinzani visiwani hapa vimekataa kuundwa kwa Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa itakayoshirikisha vyama vya CCM na CUF kwa madai kuwa havitaondoa mpasuko wa kisiasa.

Msimamo huo umetolewa jana visiwani hapa na mwenyekiti wa umoja wa vyama 16 vya siasa Zanzibar, Juma Ali Khatib, alipokuwa akizungumza na waandishi wa habari juu ya kuundwa kwa serikali ya umoja wa kitaifa.

Vyama hivyo ni: DP, TADEA, CHADEMA, NCCR Mageuzi, AFP, TLP, SAU, UDP, UPDP, CHAUSTA, UMD, JAHAZI Asila, P.T.P Maendeleo, DEMOCRASIA Makini, NRA na NLD.

Habari zaidi tembelea

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Maalim Seif kukutana na Watanzania UK,tarehe 13/02/10

Jumuiya ya Wazanzibar waishio Uingereza (ZAWA) ina furaha kuwaalika mkutano wa hadhara utakaohutubiwa na Katibu Mkuu CUF Taifa, Maalim SEIF SHARIF HAMAD.

Wazanzibari na Watanzania wote waliopo UK na nchi za jirani wanakaribishwa kuhudhuria. Huu ni mkutano wa kwanza na wa kihistoria kufanyika hapa London baada ya maridhiano ya kuleta umoja miongoni mwa Wazanzibar.

SIKU: Jumamosi, tarehe 13/02/2010

WAKATI: Saa 7.30 mchana (1.30 PM)

PAHALA: Durning Hall (Nyuma ya Mangala Solicitor)
Earlham Grove,
Forest Gate, London
E7 9AB

Tel. 02085363800 (kupata maelezo ya mahala)

USAFIRI: Bus: 25, 86, 58 na Train: British rail (Forest Gate Station)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Ofisi mpya ya Nahodha

Ofisi mpya ya Waziri kiongozi inayokamlishwa ujenzi wake huko Pemba. Kwa muda mrefu viongozi wengi wa SMZ wamekuwa hawapendi kwenda kufanya kazi zao katika kisiwa hiko. Kwa kukamilika kwa ujenzi huu kutatoa nafasi kubwa kwa Waziri Kiongozi kufanya kazi zake huko Pemba sawa na huko Unguja.

Aidha baada ya BLW kuridhia maridhiano ya Rais Amani na Maalim Seif, ni nafasi nzuri kwa Nahodha kuwepo muda mrefu kisiwani huko ili aweze kuzoeleka kwa wananchi wa huko, iwapo bado na ndoto za kuja kuwa Prez wa Zenj.

Awali Ofisi hiyo ambayo ilikuwa ikimfanya Nahodha kufikili mara mbili kabla ya kwenda huko ilikuwa kama inavyo onekana kwenye picha hii hapa chini...

Haikuweza kufahamika mara moja jengo hilo litatumika kwa shughuli gani mara baada ya Waziri Kiongozi kuhamia kwenye jengo jipya katika siku chache zijazo.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Shujaa wetu: