Saturday, 25 September 2010


A group of 11 Norwegian parliamentarians is visiting Tanzania 22-26 September. Their aim is to learn about Tanzanian strategies to promote decent work in the country, and the mission is part of Norway's efforts to promote workers' rights on a global level.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is responsible for coordinating the MP programme, which includes a visit to project sites in both Moshi and Zanzibar. The programme in Dar es Salaam involves a meeting with Minister for Labour Hon. Prof. Juma Athumani Kapuya as well as representatives from The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) and Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA).

In 2008 Norway as one of the first countries in the world adopted a strategy for promoting Decent Work including safeguarding workers' rights on a global level. The partnership with ILO is key to implementing this strategy.

- I am very pleased to welcome the MPs to Tanzania. Their visit is a signal of the important and longstanding partnership between our two countries. The focus of the mission is also crucial, as decent work is central to people's lives, says Ambassador designate Ingunn Klepsvik.

The group of 11 parliamentarians has members from 5 different Norwegian political parties. They are all members of The Standing Committee on Labour and Social Affairs in the Norwegian Parliament. 6 of the parliamentarians represent the coalition government in Norway, while 5 come from the opposition parties. The visit to Tanzania is part of a mission to Ethiopia, Tanzania and South Africa.

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