Thursday, 19 May 2011

EAC finalises draft legal, good governance protocol

The East Africa Community partner states have finalised the EAC draft protocol on good governance.

The draft was finalised during a three-day meeting between the five EAC member states in Moshi, Tanzania.

The final draft will be discussed at a multi-sectoral meeting of the partner states’ Ministers responsible for good governance, ethics and integrity, foreign affairs, EAC, justice and constitutional affairs, among others, which is scheduled for between June 8 and 1 June in Zanzibar.

Opening the meeting of experts, the EAC deputy secretary general (Political Federation), Ms Beatrice Kiraso, said the protocol was crucial especially in view of the deepening and widening of regional integration, with the ultimate goal of a Political Federation.

“Good governance is a cornerstone of our integration and regional prosperity because it guarantees internal security and stability through accountability,” Ms Kiraso said, adding that good governance does not just happen; it is built and nurtured through sustained effort and must be willingly accepted by both the government and the governed.

She said that if the East Africa region was to see lesser conflicts, it has to seriously embrace and address issues of good governance seriously and attain the vision of secured, peaceful and politically united East Africa.

She admitted that the draft EAC Protocol on Good Governance was very sensitive but that the region has to apply the best practices to improve the living standards of its people and achieve the ultimate goal of EA Political Federation.

Justice Minister for Burundi, Mr Nestor Kayobera, who chaired the experts meeting, also stressed the importance of good governance for effective and sustainable development of the EA region.

“Good governance is critical for overall development of EAC,” Mr Kayobera said.

To make it comprehensive, the Protocol shall also include issues of Economic and Corporate Governance.

The final draft, which has been subjected to wide consultations in the Partner States involving key stakeholders, is due to be presented to the EAC Council of Ministers in August for consideration.

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