Monday, 18 July 2011

Isles May Welcome Alcohol Sponsorship in Sports

Zanzibar — ALCOHOL manufacturing and distributing companies may be allowed to sponsor sports in Zanzibar, if they accept to abide to conditions of advertising non-alcoholic products, the Deputy Minister for sports Bihindi Hamad Khamis said in the Zanzibar House.

The deputy minister was responding to questions from Nassor Salim Ali (CCM-Rahaleo) and Hija Hassan Hija (CUF- Kiwani) who wondered why the government should not woo the companies to sponsor sports in Zanzibar like it is done in the mainland.

However, the deputy minister said alcohol advertisements were still prohibited in Zanzibar sports grounds. Meanwhile the legislators have also shown concern over bar businesses at the Gymkhana netball ground premises. They want the government to restrict bar business at all sports grounds.

Bihindi promised to look into the matter. In another development, as the dust from the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) settles down, fans keen on experiencing cultural diversity were from yesterday enjoying this year's Oman Cultural Festival taking place at the Zanzibar stone town.

"The event is held to strengthen the cultural ties," the Oman consular in Zanzibar Sheikh Majid bin Abdallah Al-bad said at the press to announce the festival on Tuesday. The five days festivities expected to come to an end next Sunday include fashion show, food preparation (mainly sweets), dancing, body painting, exhibition, and screening of films made in Oman.

According to the consular 45 Oman citizen are already in Zanzibar to perform in the festival to be officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Heritage Sheikh Hamid bin Hilali Al Maamar.

Flanked by the Director of Information Omar Yussuf Chunda, and the Commissioner of Culture and Sports Bakar Hamad Mshindo, the Oman official said Zanzibar was picked for the festival because of the cultural relationships, and bilateral relation agreement signed last year.

"The festival to be held at House of wonders and Old-fort at Forodhani Street will demonstrate the message of peace and friendship with Oman commitment to support Zanzibar's development," he said.

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