Monday, 10 December 2012

Wasemavyo kuhusu unywaji wa Bia Tanzania...(Siku ya Uhuru wa Tanganyika)

Today in 1961, Tanzania (then Tanganyika) gained their Independence from the United Kingdom. On December 19, 1963, Zanzibar also gained its independence from the UK. On April 26, 1964, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania, which is celebrated as Union Day.

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Guild: None Known

National Regulatory Agency: None

Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements: Not Known

Drunk Driving Laws: BAC 0.05%

Full Name: United Republic of Tanzania

Location: Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Kenya and Mozambique.

Government Type: Republic

Language: Kiswahili or Swahili (official), Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages [Note: Kiswahili (Swahili) is the mother tongue of the Bantu people living in Zanzibar and nearby coastal Tanzania; although Kiswahili is Bantu in structure and origin, its vocabulary draws on a variety of sources including Arabic and English; it has become the lingua franca of central and eastern Africa; the first language of most people is one of the local languages]

Religion(s): Mainland: Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar: more than 99% Muslim

Capital: Dodoma

Population: 46,912,768; 28th

Area: 947,300 sq km, 31st

Comparative Area: Slightly larger than twice the size of California

National Food: Ugali

National Symbols: Peacock; African Blackwood; Uhuru (Freedom) torch

Affiliations: UN, African Union, Commonwealth

Independence: Tanganyika became independent on December 9, 1961 (from UK-administered UN trusteeship); Zanzibar became independent on December 19, 1963 (from UK); Tanganyika united with Zanzibar on April 26, 1964 to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar (celebrated as Union Day); renamed United Republic of Tanzania on 29 October 1964.

Alcohol Legal: Yes

Minimum Drinking Age: 18

BAC: 0.08%

Number of Breweries: 7

How to Say “Beer”: bia, pombe

How to Order a Beer: Moja pombe, tafadhali

How to Say “Cheers”: Afya / Maisha marefu (“good life”) / Vifijo

Toasting Etiquette: N/A

Alcohol Consumption By Type:
Beer: 11%
Wine: less 1%
Spirits: 3%
Other: 86%

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (in litres):
Recorded: 4.75
Unrecorded: 2.00
Total: 6.75
Beer: 0.57

WHO Alcohol Data:
Per Capita Consumption: 4.8 litres

Alcohol Consumption Trend: Stable

Excise Taxes: Yes

Minimum Age: 21

Sales Restrictions: Hours, location

Advertising Restrictions: Yes

Sponsorship/Promotional Restrictions: Yes

Patterns of Drinking Score: 3

Prohibition: None

Source: Brookston Beer Bulletin

Friday, 19 October 2012

Wawakilishi wa CCM Wagoma

Ni baada ya maskani za CCM kuchomwa moto hapo jana....

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Maskani ya Kisonge Yachomwa Moto

Ni baada ya kutoweka kwa Sheikh Farid wa Uamusho

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Uamusho vs CCM?

Rahaleo. Kumetokea mtafuruku katika chochoro za Rahaleo, ambapo inasemekana kuwa kundi la uamusho limeshambulia jengo la CCM.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

CUF wagawa Vespa Wilaya ya Magharibi...

Katibu Mkuu wa Chama Cha Wananchi (CUF) Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad anaongea katika shughuli ya kukabidhi vespa

Salma Said

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Uamsho na Sensa...


Baadhi ya vyombo vya habari vikiwemo vya serikali jana walipotosha umma kwa kudai ati baadhi ya Taasisi za kislamu zilizo ungana katika harakati za ukombozi wa zanzibar zimesema hazikushirikishwa katika swala la sensa.

Taasisi zilizoungana na kuwa kitu kimoja ni jumla ya TAASISI ZA KIISLAMU 32 nazote zimeshiriki katika vikao vyote vya upingaji sensa tunavitaka vyombo hivo ikiwemo zenji fm,radio zanzibr na zbc viache kupotosha umma.


Taasisi hizo ni ya TAHFIDH QUR-AN inayongozwa na MAALIM SULE YA KIKWAJUNI na JUMUIYA YA YAMAHDY JUNED inayongozwa na ust SAMIR hawa wanaungana na BAKWATA na OFISI YA MUFTI KUWASALITI WAZANZIBAR NA WAISLAMU wao wamewahamasisha wanachama wao na wafuasi wao washiriki sensa.


Tunataka nchi yetu sensa baadae.


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hali ya Bi kidude sio nzuri..

Licha ya kutoa mchango mkubwa kwa taifa lake katika usanii lakini serikali, wasanii na waandaaji wa matamasha mbali mbali wamemtelekeza msanii maarufu Bi Fatma Binti Baraka (Kidude). Mweenyezi Mungu atampa afya njema inshallah

Salma Said

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eid El Fitri...

Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad (kulia) na Rais Mstaafu wa Zanzibar, Amani Abeid Karume, wamedhuria Baraza la Eid El Fitri leo.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Zanzibar: Adventure on the high seas

To my mind Zanzibar is an improbably sibilant, onomatopoeic place – it is as it sounds; exotic, hot, lazily sweet. Mile after mile of white sandy beaches are girdled by innumerable nodding palms and implausibly blue, bath-water-warm Indian Ocean. What better location for the intimate cooing of honeymooners or idle flip-floppery of beach bums? But this archipelago – comprising Unguja, her smaller sister Pemba and numerous other skerries – certainly isn't the sole preserve of lotus-eaters. I arrived looking for adventure.

On the northernmost tip of Unguja, the island known as Zanzibar, is Nungwi village, a long-time favourite among backpackers and now offering some smarter accommodation. Ras Nungwi Beach hotel has the best location; its comfortable makuti-thatched villas are adjacent to wild bush and a long white swathe of sand.

The hotel's dive shop is run by Zanzibar Watersports. If, like me, you don't dive, a day's snorkelling on nearby Mnemba island is the next best thing. The sea snakes and stonefish, multi-coloured shoals and outlandish corals were mesmerising – and for good measure, a pod of dolphins buzzed the boat on our way back to shore.

The firm also arranges parasailing and jet-ski safaris – and deep sea fishing.

I've always connected deep sea game fishing with Hemingway – and bravura levels of testosterone. Yet it was the expectation that snagged me. What would we catch?

Skipper Abi welcomed me aboard Timimi, a stocky white fishing boat bristling with rods. Our destination was Leven Banks, an area of ocean halfway between Unguja and Pemba. I spent hours before I got a bite. Under Abi's expert supervision I reeled in a splashing 14kg wahoo, iridescent black-blue and stripy – an exhilarating induction.

But adventure in Zanzibar isn't exclusively aquatic. Getting lost in the capital, Stone Town, a World Heritage site, is a heady experience. The labyrinthine alleys are riddled with smells, tastes, shadows and whispers.

The sense of disorientation takes some getting used to, but the rewards – a wonderful fish and spice market, secret squares, Zanzibari carved-doors and some exquisite Omani architecture – are well worth seeking out.

I sought respite at Emerson Skeens' eponymous new hotel, Emerson Spice. The proprietor helped put Zanzibar on the tourist map by introducing the boutique hotel concept to the island. His latest incarnation is effortlessly stylish, with suites bedecked with Zanzibari beds, scumbled azure walls, and vast serpentine baths. It's an intoxicating mixture of Omani merchant house, grand opera and Babylonian garden.

From Emerson's rooftop restaurant, it's just about possible to make out Chumbe Island. This small dot in the ocean was for years an out-of-bounds military base – the upshot being a virtually pristine marine environment that was officially gazetted by the Zanzibari government as a conservation area in 1994. Accommodation is simple; not much more than glorified bandas or thatched huts. But it's gorgeous.

Most of the island is covered in dense tropical thicket and dominated by a Victorian lighthouse. I climbed it for a spectacular sundowner; after 131 steps the welcome breeze momentarily blew the intense fug of heat away.

By the time I'd got back to the shore, the sun had vanished, encouraging some of the island's rarer inhabitants to emerge, including endangered coconut crabs. A ranger pointed out a tiddler: the size of a blue armour-plated football, wielding claws to crack open coconuts. I was mindful of my toes.

However, I was keen to get back on the water. And it was to be no ordinary yacht for me; I'd got my eye on an ngalawa. This traditional fishing boat is the granddaddy of the hydrofoil and shouldn't be judged on looks alone. Head ranger Omari took me out for a spin, expertly putting the boat through her paces. The smallest draught sent us scudding at an exhilarating rate, creaking and lunging over swells.

I joined Omari again for an afternoon sea safari. Here I encountered a hawksbill turtle in the neon and chrome corals; he eyed me disdainfully before flapping languidly off.

Misali Island, sitting off the south west coast of Pemba, is another marine reserve, but has a strict day-trips-only regulation. It's an idyllic base for diving and snorkelling.

Luxurious accommodation can be found at Fundu Lagoon hotel immediately opposite on mainland Pemba. The creation of fashion designer Ellis Flyte, Fundu ticks all the sybaritic boxes. Thatched safari-style tents are dotted throughout the vast hotel grounds.

I'd anticipated an afternoon of snorkelling off Misali, but Filbert, Fundu's resident dive master, had other ideas. It took much cajoling, and for Filbert to talk me through every detail, but he eventually persuaded me to try a "discover scuba" course. My anxieties disolved when I saw kaleidoscopic marine life from a new perspective.

Later, Rusty, Fundu's man with the rods, asked me to join him on a fishing trip. His blinding white boat was the business. No sooner had we put out lines than a fish came arcing out of the water. A dazzling streak of gold, silver and Wedgewood-blue pounced: a dorado. The ceviche back at the hotel that evening couldn't get any fresher.

I decided to spend my last evening cruising on a traditional dhow. Mama Casa is majestic. When her single sail is hoisted and catches the breeze, she comes to life. Her simple, crude construction creaked and shifted in the roll of gentle waves and I drifted off... it seemed that, finally, my Indian Ocean adventure had got the better of me.

The Independent

Monday, 6 August 2012

Zanzibar International Register of Shipping Kufungwa...

Waziri wa Mambo ya Nchi za Nje Benard Membe, amesema kuwa ofisi za Zanzibar international register of shipping zilizopo Dubai zinafungwa, aidha meli zote za Iran zilizosajiliwa na ZMA zinafutiwa usajili wake.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hassan Nassor Moyo- "Nipo tayali kurudisha kadi ya CCM"

Awataka Vijana kuendelea na harakati za ukombozi wa nchi ya Jamhuri ya Watu wa Zanzibar

Mzee Hassan Nassor Moyo leo amefanya mkutano na waandishi wa habari katika ukumbi wa mikutano wa Rumaisa Hotel Malindi Mjini Zanzibar, kujibu hoja mbalimbali zilizo zagaa nchini.

Katika mkutano huo ambao pia ulihudhuriwa na Vijana wa Umoja wa Kitaifa na wanafunzi wa Vyuo Vikuu Mzee Moyo alielezea kuwa msimamo wake anaouonesha sasa si kwa sababu kama Serikali imemtenga kama inavyovumishwa na baadhi ya watu.

Aliwataka vijana waendelee na harakati za ukombozi wa nchi kwani wao si wa mwanzo kuendesha harakati za ukombozi wa nchi.

''Fujo hamkuzianza nyinyi vijana vujo tulizianza sisi toka 1970'' alisema Mzee Moyo huku akishangiriwa na vijana.

Alisema vijana wana haki ya kuuhoji Muungano na wala yeye hawezi kuwazuwiya kwani wamewasomesha wao wenyewe ili kuleta maendeleo ya taifa hili.

Akijibu maswali yaliokuwa yakiulizwa na waandishi wa habari Mzee Moyo alisema yeye ni Mzaliwa wa Zanzibar na hajapata kuomba uraiya wa Zanzibar ila wapo wana CCM hawajazaliwa Zanzibar na wameomba uraiya wa Zanzibar mwaka 1963.

Katika maelezo yake ya awali Moyo alisema hawezi kuyumbishwa na CCM ati kwa kudai Mamlaka kamili ya Zanzibar na kudai Muungano wa Mkataba.

''Hawa Wana CCM wanaodai kuwa turudishe kadi za CCM ni wana CCM uchwara hakuna mwana CCM kindakindaki aliedai sisi turudishe kadi za CCM'' alisema Mzee Moyo huku akiendelea kusema kuwa Ali Ameir si muasisi wa Mapinduzi wala si Muasisi wa Muungano na hajawahi kuwa hata Memba wa Baraza la Mapinduzi''

Nao Vijana wa Umoja wa Kitaifa na Wanafunzi wa Vyuo Vikuu walimuhakikishia Mzee Hassan Nassor Moyo kuwa wapo wapamoja nae na kama atarudisha kadi ya CCM nao watarudisha kadi hizo na kumfata atakapo elekea.

Tayari Vijana wa Umoja wa Kitaifa wamekwisha towa tamko lao la indhari dhidi ya wana CCM wanaowakaripia na kuwatukana Wawakilishi pamoja na Wana CCM wanaotowa mawazo ya Muungano wa Mkataba na kuonya kuwa hali hiyo itahatarisha mchako wa Katiba Mpya.

Jamii Forums

Monday, 30 July 2012

"Kuna Harufu Chafu CCM Zanzibar" - Ameir

Mwanasiasa Mkongwe Zanzibar Ali Ameir Mohamed, amesema wakati umefika kwa viongozi wa juu wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi kuwachukulia mapema hatua za kimaadili na kinidhamu wanachama,Wawakilishi na Wabunge wa chama hicho wenye mwelekeo hasi.

Ameir ambaye ni Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa zamani wa CCM Zanzibar na Mbunge wa zamani wa Donge, alisema hayo kupitia mahojiano maalum yaliyofanyika Kijijini kwake huko Donge Mbiji Zanzibar juzi.

Alisema kuwa kuendelea kuwavumilia wanachama wa aina hiyo ni hatari kwa mustakabali wa uhai wa chama hicho akiifananisha hali hiyo ni sawa na mfiwa kufuga maiti ya ndugu yake ndani ya nyumba anayoishi.

“Chama cha siasa ni mkusanyiko wa kundi la watu wanaokubaliana kisera, kiitikadi na kimfumo hivyo anayejitokeza akipingana na masuala hayo hapaswi kubembelezwa au kuonewa muhali”,alisema Ameir ambaye pia amewahi kuwa Waziri wa Mambo ya Ndani Tanzania.

Alisema kiongozi, mwanachama, mbunge au Mwakilishi anayepingana na sera ya msingi ya chama chake analazimika kujitoa ili kuonyesha msimamo wa hisia zake.

Ameir anasema anaamini kuwa taratibu za kikanuni na kikatiba ndani ya chama chake zitafutwa ili kusafisha hewa chafu inayoonekana kutanda.

“Kila mwanachama au kiongozi ana wajibu na haki ya kutambua chimbuko la historia ya vyama vya TANU na ASP, muundo wa Muungano na harakati zilizoleta Mapinduzi mwaka 1964, asiyekubaliana na ukweli huo nadhani hatoshi kubaki na kuwa mtetezi wa sera za CCM kwa uhai wake”.Alisikika akisema

Aidha mwanasiasa huyo ambaye ni mmoja kati ya wajumbe walioshiriki kuandaa mchakato wa uundwaji wa Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa Zanzibar, alieleza kuwa yeye anaamini kuwa taratibu husika kupitia vikao vya katiba vya CCM zitafuatwa.

Ameir alieleza kuwa kumejitokeza baadhi ya wanasiasa Zanzibar wanaojigamba kuwa wao ni waasisi wa TANU na ASP wakati ni wazee wa CCM na kwamba si haki yao kujiita ni wana Mapinduzi kinyume na ukweli ulivyo. Alisema waasisi wa Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar, wanafahamika kwa majina yao na kwamba anayejitokeza sasa na kudai yeye ni miongoni mwao, ni sawa na mtu anayejipaka damu ya ng’ombe aliyechinjwa na wengine.

“Wana Mapinduzi wa Zanzibar wamebaki wawili hadi sasa,wote sasa ni wazee, Ramadhani Haji Faki na Hamid Ameir Ali, anayethubutu kunyoosha kidole chake na kujiita muasisi wa Mapinduzi, anajivika kilemba cha ukoka”Alisema Ameir.

Alipinga jina la Hassan Nassor Moyo kuwa miongoni mwa waasisi wa ASP na kuwa mmoja kati ya wanamapinduzi kwamba hakuwemo katika harakati za kukiasisi chama hicho wala hakujua siku ya kufanyika Mapinduzi ya 1964 kwa mujibu wa maelezo ya wazee wenzake.

“Moyo ninamheshimu sana, ni mkubwa kiodogo kwangu kiumri ,alikuwa katika Trade Union, hakuwa mwanasiasa aliyeshiriki kukiasisi chama cha ASP,wenzake wanatueleza hata siku yaliofanyika Mapinduzi ya umma hakuijua”Alisisitiza

Akizungumzia kujitokeza kwa Mzee Moyo anayeonekana kutaka Muungano wa mkataba kinyume na sera ya CCM kinachofuata Serikali mbili chini ya Katiba.

Ameir alisema wajumbe hao kufika kwao ndani ya BLW kunatoka na chama cha siasa hivyo matamshi yao hayapingani na sera hiyo ila wanavutana na mfumo wa chama chao.

‘Mzee Moyo nijuavyo ni mwana Muungano wa kikwelikweli, asili yake upande mmoja ni Ruvuma Tanganyika na upande wa pili hapa Zanzibar, anapobeza Muungano huu unaotokana na matokeo ya Mapinduzi na Uhuru wa nchi zetu, sidhani kama anaamua kuafikiana na misimamo tuliokuwa tukipingana nayo kabla ya 1961 na 1964 ”Alisema Ameir.

Kauli hii inakuja wakati kukiwa na katika kampeni kubwa ya kutaka Zanzibar kujitenga katika Muungano wakishirikiana na Jumuiya ya Uamsho na Mihadhara, (JUMIKI) hali iliyosababisha vurugu za makanisa na baa kuchomwa moto Zanzibar.

Mwinyi Sadallah

Friday, 27 July 2012

"Kuitetea Zanzibar Katika Muungano." Balozi Ali Karume

Mtu yoyote ambae anadai kuitetea Zanzibar katika Muungano, hawezi wakati huo huo kudai Muungano uvunjike. Iwapo Muungano utavunjika, hiyo Zanzibar utaiteteaje katika Muungano ambao umeshavunjika? Lazima kuitetea Zanzibar katika mfumo wa Muungano ambao unatoa haki sawa kwa nchi mbili ambazo zimeungana. Mwanzo wa haki hizo ni katika kuongoza Muungano kwenye safu zote za Serikali ya Muungano, kuanzia ngazi ya Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania.

Nchi mbili zikiungana huwa zinasaka "Equity" kwenye huo Muungano. Uwiano wa haki huleta usawa kwa pande zote mbili na kuchelea upande mmoja kujihisi wametawaliwa au wamemezwa. Kujihisi au kuwa na hesia ya kutawaliwa huleta unyonge wa kuhisi kuna ukosefu wa utetezi; maana kwenye utetezi kamili, hakuna kupunjwa, kunyanyaswa, au kuonewa. "In politics, perception is everything". Kwenye siasa, kilakitu hutokana na hesia. Ukihisi unadhulumiwa, huwachi kulalamika.

Kwenye nchi zinoungana kisiasa, tatizo la kwanza ni kupanga safu ya uongozi utoridhisha sehemu zote za Muungano. Mara nyingi, katika kuepuka vurugu za kuchagua Rais mpya wa Muungano, mapendekezo ni kwamba Rais wa nchi moja ndie awe Rais mpya wa huo Muungano. Hii humaanisha kwamba Rais wa ile nchi nyengine awe Makamo wa Rais, ili wale Marais wawili kabla ya Muungano, waongoze serikali ya Muungano kwenye safu ya Rais na Makamo wake. Pia, humaanisha kwamba baada ya kipindi au vipindi muafaka, na yule Makamo au kiongozi mwengine kutoka nchi yake, aweze kuongoza kwenye safu ya Urais wa Muungano. Na upande wa pili wa Muungano utowe Makamo wa Rais.

Katiba ambayo tumepania kuibadili, imetamka wazi kwenye hilo, na watetezi wa Zanzibar hilo wamelifurahia. Katika Katiba mpya, bora hilo libaki, na katika kutilia mkazo "Equity" na uwiano utaochelea migogoro na malalamiko ya kuelemewa, ni bora Katiba itamke wazi juu ya suala la kupishana na kuwepo zamu kwenye Urais na vyeo vyengine vya juu.

Kila Katiba huwa na Yaloagizwa, Yaloelezwa, na Yanotegemewa kutokana na itikadi. "Traditions" ni kitu muhimu katika uteuzi wa viongozi, na katika Muungano ni lazima kujenga itikadi ya kuteua viongozi kutoka pande zote mbili. Watetezi wa nchi zao ni lazima kusimamia hilo. Lazima kuwe na "Deliberate attempt" Jaribio la makusudi na la dharura kutoa zamu kwenye uongozi, ilimradi watoteuliwa wakidhi sifa zinotegemewa. Hayo yamefanyika katika historia ya Muungano wetu, na sioni kwanini iwe mwiko kuirejea historia hiyo. Katika demokrasia, wengi wape kutokana na wingi wa kura, na tusipofanya jaribio la makusudi na la dharura kuwapata viongozi wa safu za juu kutoka sehemu zote za Muungano wetu, basi wengi watatoka sehemu moja na kuendelea kujenga hisia kwamba sehemu moja ya Muungano imeelemewa. Ndio maana kuna wengine wanajihisi wamesakamwa na wanaomba waachiwe wapumuwe.

Tunapopata fursa ya kuchagua viongozi wa juu, kama vile Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano, ni vyema wale wanaodai kuitetea Zanzibar wawe mstari wa mbele katika kumpata mgombea bora kutoka Zanzibar na kumsaidia ili ateuliwe. Hili ni muhimu kufanyika, hasa baada ya uongozi wa ngazi ya juu kabisa kukamatwa na viongozi kutoka sehemu moja ya Muungano kwa muda mrefu. Mwenyekuitetea Zanzibar kikweli kwenye hilo, hawezi kudai kwamba hakuna Mzanzibari anofaa kwenye wadhifa huo. Anayechukua msimamo huo, anachangia Zanzibar kusakamwa na kukosa pumzi. "Tuacheni tupumuwe" aambiwe na yeye pia. Mzanzibari anayewakataa wagombea wote kutoka Zanzibar na kumuunga mkono mgombea kutoka bara kwa hali na maji aendelee kutawala, asidai kwamba anaitetea Zanzibar na kudai "Tuacheni tupumuwe". Kwani kwenye kusakamwa na Bara, na yeye si alichangia? Ya yeye alichangia katika kutukosesha pumzi, ilimradi yeye apumuwe vizuri zaidi baada ya kutuuza. "We were sold down the river to the highest bidder by our own kith and kin". Kikulacho kinguoni mwako.

Umefika wakati Watanzania tuwe makini sana. Tutetee haki zetu kwenye Muungano wetu, na tujizatiti katika kuepusha "Dhana" ya aina yoyote ya kwamba upande mmoja wa Muungano wetu, umeelemewa. Tuunde Katiba mpya itoondowa dhana ya kutawaliwa na tutoe fursa kwa pande zote ziachwe zipumuwe. Tukishindwa kwenye hilo, tutajitakia maradhi. Na wahenga walisema "Maradhi ya kujitakia; Mtu hapewi pole".

Balozi Ali Abeid Amani Karume.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pope Benedict Asikitishwa na Vifo Vilivyotokea Zanzibar

Sunday after praying the midday Angelus with crowds gathered at the papal summer residence, the Pope said he was "deeply shocked by the senseless violence which took place in Aurora, Denver."

A heavily armed man in full body armor opened fire on movie-goers at the midnight release of "The Dark Knight Rises." A dozen people were killed and several dozen more were wounded.

The suspect appeared in court for the first time today.

Strength in the risen Lord

The Pope also expressed his sadness at the loss of life in a ferry disaster near Zanzibar.

The MV Skagit hit choppy waters last Wednesday as it crossed from Tanzania to Zanzibar and sank. At least 145 of the 290 passengers were rescued, but by today nearly 80 bodies had been recovered, with more than 65 still missing.

Police have said there is no hope the missing will be found alive, meaning the death toll might be as high as half the number of passengers aboard.

"I share the distress of the families and friends of the victims and the injured, especially the children," the Pontiff said. "Assuring all of you of my closeness in prayer, I impart my blessing as a pledge of consolation and strength in the risen Lord."


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mv Serengeti mashakani (injini yake imezima)

Kuna taarifa kuwa meli ya Mv Serengeti imeshindwa kuendelea na safari yake baada ya injini yake kuzima ikiwa njiani kuelekea Unguja ikitokea Pemba.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tetesi: Karume atakiwa kurudisha kadi ya CCM

Makamo Mwenyekiti wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi Zanzibar Abeid Karume, Mshika Fedha wa CCM, na baadhi ya wajumbe wa baraza la wawakilishi watakiwa kurejesha kadi za CCM haraka baada ya kukiuka maadili ya chama chao.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Hamad Masoud Amejiuzulu...

Waziri wa Miundombinu na Mawasiliano Hamad Masoud amejiuzulu rasmi leo jioni.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nahodha Katapika

"Watu wameiba mamilioni ya fedha, wamepora maekari ya ardhi ya waznz lakini Leo hii akisimama na kusema hautaki muungano anaoenekana ndio mtetezi wa waznz" mh. Shamsi Nahodha

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Meli Kwa Jina la Skagit Imezama Karibu na Chumbe

Ilikuwa ikitokea Dar es Salaam kwenda Unguja, ikiwa na abiria 200. Kazi za uokoji zimeshaanza.

Boat za Sea Star na Kilimanjaro zimekwenda kwenye eneo la tukio kwa ajili ya uokoaji.. Habari zinasema kuwa miili ya abiria imeanza kuonekana ikielea. Hali ya bahari ina upepo mwingi kwa sasa.

Aidha kutokana na hali mbaya ya hewa meli moja imeshindwa kufika katika eneo la tukio na imerudi bandarini.

Mamia ya watu wapo bandarini Malindi wakiendelea kusubiri watakao okolewa.

Baadhi ya abiria waliookolewa

Uamusho Wawachimbia Mkwara Polisi...

Lidia Kucharcyk Anatafutwa na Familia yake.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tendwa akihakiki ADC Zanzibar

Friday, 13 July 2012

Makontena yameondolewa Darajani

Jana usiku kulikuwa na vunja vunja kwenye Makontena ya darajani ili kupisha ujenzi wa bustani na parking za magari

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

Mji Mkongwe(Stone Town) Wasafishwa

Siku ya Jumapili iliyopita, Mji Mkongwe ulisafishwa kwa kufagia barabara na chochoro zake pamoja na kuzoa taka mbalimbali katika Mji huo. Usafishaji uliwashirikisha Sustainable East Africa, FAZACH, Conservation & Education-Chumbe Island Coral Park na skuli kadhaa za Mji Mkongwe.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I love Zanzibar... "T-Shirt"

Friday, 6 July 2012


Our Ref:ZLS/IKULU/001

Mhe. Dk. Ali Mohamed Shein
Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti
wa Baraza la Mapinduzi
Ikulu, Zanzibar

Mheshimiwa Rais,


Kwanza kabisa sisi Chama cha Mawakili wa Zanzibar tunapenda kukupa pongezi zetu za dhati kwa kuchaguliwa kuwa Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi katika utaratibu mpya wa Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa. Tunakuombea kheri na mafanikio katika kuwatumikia Wazanzibari ambao wamekupa ridhaa zao na kuonesha imani kubwa juu yako

Chama cha Mawakili wa Zanzibar (ZLS) ni Chama kinachowaunganisha Mawakili wote wa Zanzibar ambao wanafanya kazi ya uwakili katika Mahkama Kuu ya Zanzibar pamoja na mahkama zinazofanya kazi chini ya Mahkama Kuu isipokuwa Mahkama za Mwanzo na Mahkama za Makadhi. Mawakili hawa pia huendesha kesi katika Mahkama ya Rufaa ya Jamhuri ya Muungano ya Tanzania. Katika nafasi yao hiyo, Mawakili wanakuwa ni maofisa wa mahkama. Chama hiki kimeanzishwa mwaka 1998 chini ya Sheria ya Jumuiya ya mwaka 1995. Chama kinaongozwa na Baraza lake lenye Rais, Katibu Mkuu, Mshika Fedha na wajumbe wengine wawili.

Mhe Rais, tarehe 29 Novemba 2010 ulitangaza uteuzi wa majaji wanne wa Mahkama Kuu pamoja na Mwenyekiti wa Mahkama ya Ardhi. Uliowateua kuwa Majaji ni:
1. Mhe: Abdul-hakim Ameir Issa
2. Mhe. Fatma Hamid Mahmoud
3. Mhe. Mkusa Isaac Sepetu, na
4. Mhe. Rabia Hussein Mohamed

Mhe. Rais, katika uteuzi wako huo, ulikuwa unatumia mamlaka uliyopewa na Katiba ya Zanzibar, 1984 kifungu cha 94(2) na (3). Aidha Chama cha Mawakili hakina mashaka na uteuzi wa Mhe. Abdul-hakim Ameir Issa, wala uteuzi wa Mwenyekiti wa Mahkama ya Ardhi, Mhe. Haroub Shehe Pandu. Mashaka yetu yapo katika uteuzi wa waheshimiwa kuanzia nambari 2 mpaka 4 hapo juu.

Mhe. Rais, sisi tunaelewa kwa dhati kabisa kwamba wewe binafsi humjuwi wala huna sababu ya kumjuwa yeyote katika Majaji wanne uliowateua. Uteuzi wako, tunaamini kabisa, unatokana na ushauri uliopewa na Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama iliyoanzishwa chini ya Sheria Namba 13 ya mwaka 2003 ambayo Mwenyekiti wake ni Jaji Mkuu wa Zanzibar, Mhe. Hamid Mahmoud Hamid pamoja na wasaidizi wako wengine katika sekta ya sheria.

Mhe. Rais, sisi mawakili ambao tumetia saini barua hii tukiwa ni wadau wakubwa katika sekta hii, tuna imani kubwa nawe Mheshimiwa Rais, lakini tunaamini washauri wako hawakukutendea haki walipokushauri uwateue Mhe. Fatma, Mhe. Mkusa na Mhe. Rabia kuwa ni Majaji wa Mahkama Kuu. Mhe. Rais, haitoshi tu kusema kwamba Jaji Mteule ametimiza masharti ya Katiba na hivyo anafaa kuwa Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu. Mhe. vipo vigezo vyengine ambavyo ni lazima viangaliwe kabla ya uteuzi wa Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu kufanyika. Nafasi ya Ujaji ni nafasi ya juu kabisa katika ngazi ya Mahkama zetu na pia ni nyeti. Utaalam uliobobea, rekodi iliyothibitika, umakini wa hali ya juu, kujiamini, uadilifu na umahiri wa hali ya juu – vyote kwa pamoja vinahitajika.
Mhe. Rais, kifungu cha 94(2) cha Katiba kinasomeka ifuatavyo:
Majaji wa Mahkama Kuu watateuliwa na Rais kutokana na mapendekezo ya Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama.

Mhe. Rais, Chama cha Mawakili kina mjumbe katika Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama. Pia wajumbe wengine wa Tume ni watu walio karibu na Chama cha Mawakili. Tunapenda kukuthibitishia kwamba hakuna kikao chochote cha Tume hiyo ambacho kimejadili jina la Mhe. Rabia Hussein. Hivyo uteuzi wa Mhe. Rabia umefanywa kinyume kabisa na Katiba ya Zanzibar na hauwezi kusimama katika macho ya sheria.

Mhe. Rais, sisi kama Chama cha Mawakili, tunaamini hata uwepo wa Mhe. Hamid Mahmoud kama Jaji Mkuu wa Zanzibar una mashaka tele ya kikatiba. Inaeleweka kwamba Mhe. Hamid Mahmoud alistaafu kwa hiari alipotimiza miaka 60. Baada ya hapo, Kikatiba, alisita kuwa Jaji Mkuu na Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu. Iwapo alitakiwa kuendelea kushika wadhifa, alipaswa kwanza kupewa mkataba wa kuwa Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu.

Mkataba wa aina hiyo ulilazimu kujadiliwa na Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama kwa mujibu wa kifungu cha 95 cha Katiba ambacho tunaomba kukinukuu:
95(1) Bila ya kuathiri masharti ya kifungu hiki, Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu ataendelea kushika wadhifa wake hadi kufikia umri wa miaka sitini ambapo anaweza kustaafu kwa hiari ama kuendelea hadi kufikia umri wa miaka sitini na tano ambapo atastaafu kwa lazima.

(2) Bila ya kuathiri masharti ya kijifungu cha (1) cha kifungu hiki, Rais kwa kushauriana na Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama anaweza kumteua tena Jaji aliekwisha staafu kushika madaraka ya Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu kwa muda au kwa ajili ya kesi maalum. (Msisitizo ni wetu).

Mhe. Rais, ni wazi kwamba pale Mhe. Jaji Mkuu alipoamua kustaafu kwa hiari alipotimiza umri wa miaka 60, hakukuwa na sababu yoyote kuendelea kufanya kazi katika mkataba kwa kuwa Katiba ilikuwa inamruhusu kuendelea na ajira hadi kufikia miaka 65. Vyovyote iwavyo, endapo Mhe. Jaji Mkuu alitakiwa aendelee na nafasi yake baada ya kumaliza utumishi wake, ililazimu mambo yafuatayo yafuatwe kwa mujibu wa Katiba ya Zanzibar (kifungu cha 94(1), 94(2), 94(6)(a) na (b). Mambo yenyewe ni:
a) Ateuliwe kuwa Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu;
b) Mapendekezo ya (a) yatokane na Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama;
c) Endapo ni Jaji wa Mkataba, “masharti ya kazi, marupurupu na kiinua mgongo cha Jaji wa mkataba wa kipindi maalum yataamuliwa na Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama.” (Kif.94(6)(b).
d) Iwapo atateuliwa kuwa Jaji basi atakula kiapo cha Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu.

Mhe Rais, Jaji Mkuu wa sasa ambae ndio Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama, alipostaafu kwa hiari, utaratibu ulioainishwa hapo juu haukufuatwa na magazeti yaliripoti na jamii ya wanasheria pia ilifadhaishwa mno. Aidha, iwapo Mhe. Hamid Mahmoud alitakiwa awe Jaji Mkuu, pia ilipaswa masharti ya Katiba yafuatwe. Vyenginevyo kuendelea kwake kuwa Jaji Mkuu kunakuwa na mashaka ya Kikatiba na sisi tusingependa nchi yetu iwe na Jaji Mkuu ambae uteuzi wake umegubikwa na kasoro kadhaa za Kikatiba.

Hata suala la kuwa Jaji au Jaji Mkuu wa Mkataba ni suala linalopigwa vita sana katika Mahkama za Jumuiya ya Madola kwa sababu mikataba inaondowa kinga ya Kikatiba aliyonayo Jaji wa Mahkama Kuu na hivyo kudumaza uhuru wa Mahkama (independence of the Judiciary). Aidha Jaji wa Mkataba hawezi kufanya kazi yake bila ya hofu wala woga kwa mamlaka ya uteuzi.

Mhe. Rais, siri ya maiti aijuwae muosha; na sisi mawakili ndio waosha wa waheshimiwa majaji na mahakimu wetu. Mhe. Rais, bila ya kuzunguka, sisi tunataka tukuthibitishie kwamba Mhe. Fatma na Mhe. Mkusa hawana sifa kiutendaji na kiuwezo za kuwa majaji wa Mahkama Kuu ya Zanzibar. Mhe Rais, uwezo wa Jaji unapimwa kwa namna anavyoendesha kesi na kuandika hukumu zake. Chombo cha Mahkama ni chombo cha kutoa haki. Na haki inatakiwa isifanywe tu lakini ionekane waziwazi kuwa inafanywa. Mhe Rais, haki haiwezi kupatikana ikiwa wanaosimamia haki hiyo ni watu wasiokuwa na sifa zinazotakiwa.

Mhe. Rais na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi, tunakuhakikishia kwamba sisi Mawakili wa Zanzibar ambao saini zetu zimetiwa hapa chini tuna imani kabisa na wewe binafsi na wala hatuandiki barua hii kuhoji mamlaka yako ya Kikatiba ila tunatoa tahadhari hii kama mchango wetu katika kujenga mahkama iliyotukuka, hasa kwa vile wananchi wamepoteza imani kwa mahkama zetu ziliopo sasa.

Ni vyema kuepuka mambo yanayoonekana dhahiri kulenga katika kudumaza zaidi ufanisi wa mahkama katika suala zima la utoaji haki. Tujinasuwe sasa kuliko kuendelea kujizamisha kwa kuweka watendaji wasiofaa.

Sisi, kama wadau wa jamii, tunahisi tuna wajibu wa kukutanabahisha kuhusu uteuzi huu. Aidha tusingependa Mahkama Kuu ambayo tayari kuna malalamiko mengi ya utendaji usiokidhi haja iendelee kuchukuwa Majaji bila ya ushauri wa Tume ya Utumishi ya Mahkama na bila ya umakini katika tathmini ya wateule hao.

Mhe. Rais, wateule wa Ujaji tuliowataja hapo juu, hawatokuwa Majaji rasmi Kikatiba na kuanza kazi ya Ujaji wa Mahkama Kuu mpaka baada ya kula kiapo. Hilo likishafanyika, itakuwa dhiki sana kuondosha uteuzi huo. Hivyo, tunakuomba Mhe. Rais, utafakari upya juu ya uteuzi huo na uridhike kuusitisha. Tunaamini wanasheria wenye sifa na maadili yanayotakikana wapo na wanaweza kufanya kazi ya ujaji, Zanzibar.

Wako katika kusimamia haki,
Yahya Khamis Hamad Salim Rais
H. B. Mnkonje Katibu Mkuu
Abdulla Juma Mohammed Mshika Fedha
Salma Ali Hassan Mjumbe, ZLS
Mussa Kombo Mjumbe, ZLS
1. Ajar Amar Patel …………………………..
2. Ussi Khamis Haji …………………………….
3. Hamid A. S. Mbwezeleni …………………………….
4. Salum Toufiq Ali ………………………………
5. Awadh A. Said ……………………………….
6. Nassor Khamis Mohammed ……………………………….
7. Adam S. Abdulla ………………………………
8. Is-Haq Ismail Shariff ………………………………..
9. Uhuru Hemed Khalfan ………………………………..
10. Mahadhi J. Maalim (ameridhia)
11. Masoud H. Rukazibwa ………………………………..
12. Ramadhan Makame ……………………………….
13. Mbwana J. Mbwana ………………………………
14. Fatma A. Karume …………………………….
15. Rajab Abdalla Rajab ……………………………….

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vunja Jungu - Golf Club

Memba wa gofu wakiwa katika vunja jungu jana jioni katika ukumbi wa gofu...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Maharamia Yawavamia Watalii Zanzibar...

Machete-wielding pirates attack Yoav and Esther Peled; Yoav fights back, loses some fingers – but surgeons managed to reattach them.

A honeymoon turned sour this week for an Israeli couple who were attacked by pirates in Zanzibar.

Yoav and Esther Peled of Givatayim married on May 30 and travelled to the Tanzanian islands after the wedding. On Sunday, a group of pirates armed with machetes attacked the couple. Yoav, who confronted them, lost some of his fingers to the pirates' blades.

Peled managed to reach medical help, and was flown from Zanzibar to Dar es-Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, where he had emergency surgery. The cut he sustained from the pirates' machete was extremely deep, reaching the nerves of his hand, but the doctors nevertheless reattached his severed fingers.

The Foreign Ministry said that it was familiar with the incident. "It happened Sunday during a robbery. The man is currently hospitalized in Zanzibar. His family knows, and so does (the couple's) insurance company, Harel."

Hilik Magnus, who conducts search and rescue operations for the Phoenix insurance company, said that tourists must act with the understanding that if they encounter pirates, they must cooperate quietly.

"Tourists are the preferred targets for criminal incidents, because they're defenseless. In addition, from the perspective of politics, everyone involved wants to gloss over the incident so the place doesn't gain a reputation as dangerous for tourists," Magnus added.

Source: Ynetnews

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Kisonge Leo Asubuhi...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vijimambo Stone Town...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rais Shein Katika Uzinduzi wa Zakka

Uzinduzi wa Zakka Zanzibar katika ukumbi wa Bwawani.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"Mimi sio Uamusho" - Mansoor Yussuf Himid

WAZIRI wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar, Mansoor Yussuf Himid amekanusha kuwa yeye si Uamsho na wala hawaungi mkono kama inavyodaiwa mitaani licha ya kukubaliana na kauili mbiu yao.

“Mimi sio Uamsho wala siwaungi mkono nataka kusema wazi hapa maana kuna watu kazi yao kusingizia wenzao, lakini kwa hili la tuachiwe tupumuwe mie nakubaliana nao kwa maana kaulimbiu hii nakubaliana nayo, lakini sio vurugu zao” Alisema Waziri Himid.

Source: Salma Said

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Baraza la Habari Tanzania Leo wapo Zanzibar...

Ayub Rioba, Leo kwenye kongamano la MCT anategemewa kuchokoza mada...

Monday, 18 June 2012

Semina ya Viongozi wa Dini -Zanzibar

Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwnyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi
Dk.Ali Mohamed Shein,alipokuwa katika picha ya pamoja na Viongozi wa kidini katika kukuza dhana ya Utalii kwa wote,mara baada ya kuifungua semina ya siku moja iliyofanyika leo katika ukumbi wa Salama Bwawani Hotel Mjini Unguja.

Source:Salma Said

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nipo Zanzibar

Nipo Zanzibar sasa kwa takribani mwezi mmoja... siku zinakwenda kasi pasipo mfano! Mara ya mwisho kuja Visiwani hapa ni zaidi ya miaka sita sasa. Mengi yametokea katika kipindi hicho, ikiwa ni pamoja na kumpoteza baba yangu mzazi, ndugu na marafiki wengi! Safari yangu ya kuja Zaznibar ilikuwa ya ghafla mno na ninawashukuru sana watanzania wa Finland kwa kuniwezesha kusafari kwa wakati na kuwahi maziko ya baba yangu.

Bado nina tongotongo machoni juu ya mabadiliko mengi niliyokwisha yaona mpaka sasa.. Zanzibar imebadilika sana na bado kuna kila dalili za mabadiliko zaidi kutokea katika kipindi cha miaka mitatu ijayo. Sio rahisi sana kwa mwenyeji kuona tofauti kwa haraka kama kwa mgeni. Wenyeji bado wana kiu kubwa ya maendeleo zaidi,ambapo ni jambo la msingi kwa maendeleo ya nchi kwa ujumla.

Kuna mipangilio mingi mipya na plan kadhaa mpya baadhi ni kama kuondoa ofisi za serikali kadhaa ndani ya Mji Mkongwe, kuwepo na udhibiti mzuri wa aina ya magari yaingiayo Mji Mkongwe, upanuzi wa barabara(baadhi)katika maeneo ya Ng'ambo, ujenzi wa barabara mpya kuunganisha Ng'ambo na Mashambani.

Huduma nyingi zimekuwa na mafanikio ya kiasi na makubwa. Zantel bado ina tatizo la upatikanaji katika maeneo kadhaa visiwani hapa, ili ni la kushangaza kidogo! Lakini ndivyo lilivyo! Mabadiliko katika bandarini yamezidisha misongamano kwa abiria na vyombo vya moto.... Nimesikia hili linafanyiwa kazi, ingawa wahusika wanataka kwanza kuboresha upakuaji wa bidhaa toka melini. Kwani kwa sasa bandari ya Malindi ina uwezo wa meli moja tu kufunga gati! Mipango mipya ni kuwa na bandari yenye uwezo wa kuchukua meli nne kwa pamoja!

Mafanikio mengine yapo kwenye suala zima la usafi, ambapo sio rahisi tena kuona mifuko ya plastiki ikipepea angani, sasa kuna matumizi makubwa ya mifuko ya khaki na magazeti. Awali nilitegemea kuwepo na Vikapu vingi vya ukili, ikiwa ni kuongeza ajira na vipato kwa watengenezaji wa vikapu hivyo. Hata hivyo kutokana na uwekezaji mkubwa katika mahoteli malighafi ya vikapu hivyo imekuwa adimu na inauzwa kwa bei kubwa mno kwa mwananchi wa kawaida.

Kwa sasa kila barza ya kahawa hadithi ni muamsho, wengi wanapenda kuwepo kwa muamsho ili kujitenga na Tanganyika na wengi bado wanapenda kuwapo na muungano. Hii itatoa changamoto kubwa katika tume ya katiba. Muamsho zaidi ya kutaka kujitoa kwenye muungano, bado hawapo wazi katika sababu kubwa ama tatizo kubwa la muungano.

Nilipita hapo Airport na kuona ujenzi mpya wa Airport, hata hivyo unaonekana umesimama kwa muda mrefu, zipo tetesi kuwa Serikali serikali na wajenzi wamekuwa wakipisha juu ya ujenzi huo kiasi cha kufikia hatua hiyo.

Anyway nipo hapa Mesi ya Jeshi(Migombani) na tayali zantel imeanza kugomagoma... nitaendelea na stori katika siku zijazo....

Monday, 16 April 2012

Legislators Decry Tourism Invasion By Foreigners

Zanzibar — SOME members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives are alleging that the tourism sector is dominated by non-Zanzibaris contrary to the isles ambition of establishing the industry three decades ago.

"We have evidence that more than one-thousand "foreigners" including Kenyans have dominated jobs in most tourist hotels. Some are staying illegally and holding Tanzanian passports," Mr Makame Mshimba Mbarouk (CCM- Kitope) alleged.

Debating the report from the House committee responsible for "livestock, Tourism, economic empowerment and Information," Mbarouk accused the government and the immigration for not taking "any action despite receiving reliable information about foreigners working in Zanzibar illegally."

The legislator also alleged that there has been serious violation of employment laws in the tourism sector, including lack of contracts and uncalled-for expelling of work, giving an example of Blue Bay, Karafuu, and Serena Hotels. Mr Ismail Jussa Ladu (CUF-Mjimkongwe) said that unemployment problem in Zanzibar can be solved by implementing job restriction rules, "mainly making sure all jobs in the tourist hotels are for Zanzibaris, unless the position cannot be filled by a Zanzibari."

He also blamed some ministers for abusing their position by accepting bribes from some investors to violate the existing laws. Jussa also expressed his disappointment with some leaders including minister who use the Bwawani Hotel (state owned) without paying bills. Other legislators such as Ms Ashura Sharif Ali (Special seats), and Mr Suleiman Hemed Khamis (CUF- Konde) decried moral decay from mainly youths copying western lifestyles of living.

Meanwhile, Jussa also asked media owners and the government to improve the welfare of journalists who have been working hard in "unfriendly environment without proper working tools, no transport, and poor payment."

15 APRIL 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Murder case accused acquitted...


A MAN charged with the murder of a charity worker from Newcastle has been acquitted by a judge during court proceedings in Zanzibar.

26 year old Robert Stringer was found dead on a beach in Zanzibar in August 2009 having suffered multiple head injuries. He had spent the previous five weeks carrying out volunteer work in Tanzania before taking a short break on the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar.

A popular figure locally, Robert's death sent shockwaves throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas. In the months leading up to his trip to Tanzania Robert had carried out a number of successful local fundraisers to help fund his volunteer work.

Judge Abraham Mwampashi acquitted Hamad Khamis of Mr. Stringer's murder in the High Court in Zanzibar. He also criticised the prosecution over the lack of ' hard evidence' presented during the case.

In a 25-page judgment, Judge Mwampashi said Mr. Khamis had to be acquitted because the prosecution was too heavily reliant upon circumstantial evidence when ' hard evidence was of critical nature' in order to convince the court.

Mr. Stringer was found dead on a beach a few days after befriending Mr. Khamis. The pair had discussed business matters as Mr. Stringer was a volunteer and IT expert.

Evidence was presented in court which found that the victim had been hit over the head with an implement during an attack and died from those injuries. The defence for the accused argued that the only connection between Mr. Khamis and Mr. Stringer was the fact that they knew one another.

Mr. Stringer's laptop, ipod and speakers, sun glasses, digital camera and a wallet containing 1,000 Tanzanian shillings and $30 were found to be in the possession of Mr. Khamis. However, the judge ruled that this did not prove an 'evil element.'

The judge also blasted the prosecution for failing to gather what could have proved to have been vital evidence.

'I am baffled as to why no effort was taken to see what evidence could have been drawn from bank cards that were found with the accused person, or from the digital camera or from the computer to help support the case against the accused person.'

In his judgment he added, ' the prosecution case against the accused person is based wholly on circumstantial evidence.'

The court was told a second man wanted in connection to Mr. Stringer's death still remained at large.

No appeal was lodged by the prosecution when Mr. Khamis was acquitted.

Wicklow people

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Karume Day

Leo ni siku ya kumbukumbu ya Rais wa kwanza wa Zanzibar A.A Karume

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hotel za Kitalii Kuvunjwa Zanzibar?

Over 60 per cent of more than 200 tourists’ hotels in Zanzibar face demolition because they are built on the sea side, contrary to environmental regulations. A prompt survey by members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives identified massive violations of the regulations.

The lawmakers have since declared war on such premises. “This is unacceptable, all structures built on beaches contrary to the law should be demolished. The department of environment should make sure the order is implemented,” said Mr Hamza Hassan Juma, Chairperson of the House Committee on Environment.

Hamza and his team blamed the environment department and other responsible authorities for failing to make sure that investors abide by the laws, particularly at this time when the environment is a global issue. According to Mr Sheha Mjaja, Director of the Department of Environment, regulations require any project to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before taking off, and any structure should be built at least 30 metres and 10 metres from sandy and rocky beach respectively.

Mr Mjaja said that his department has identified over 60 per cent of the tourists projects in Zanzibar particularly tourist hotels, which have either not done any EIA at all or just ignored it. “Unfortunately we have not been serious in enforcing the law because of bureaucracy. This is a complex issue because it involves many public institutions and investors.

“We are planning to convene a meeting to involve investors, public institutions, and my department to discuss and find out the best way to solve the ongoing reckless construction of building at the beaches,” he noted. In addition to trade, and cloves production, Zanzibar relies on the booming tourism industry which contributes about 25 per cent to its GDP.

Daily News

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Monday, 19 March 2012


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wafinn na Zanzibar

Monday, 27 February 2012

Soko la Samaki

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Women in Unguja and Pemba Happily Making Money and Saving

Pemba — A popular Kiswahili proverb known by many Zanzibarians goes like this "Haba na haba hujaza kibaba" in other words drop by drop the vessel will get filled.

This wise saying has been vividly demonstrated by women in the rural areas of Unguja and Pemba and is calling on others to follow suit.

Women in Unguja South and Pemba North have for a long time never engaged themselves in income generating activities and they had little hope for any sort of economic improvement of their lives.

In 2008 Women Empowerment in Zanzibar (WEZA) initiative was introduced and their lives took a new turn bringing hope for the women.

Around 8742 women at their own individual pace saved between 200 and 1,000 shillings each week after receiving savings and financial training from the Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA), Jozani Credit and Development Organisation (JOCDO) and Pemba Savings and Credit Association (PESACA). The project was co-financed by the European Union (EU), Government of Austria and Care Austria.

The training marked the beginning of a big take off and by 2011 the women collectively had saved a total of 693,790,000/=.

This was a big surprise not only to the Zanzibari population but to women themselves who could not believe they had the potential.

"How can we save 500 /- a week while at the same time we did not receive that amount of money for our family meals?" asked a section of women members in Kiungoni Shehia of Pemba North during the sensitisation meetings before the savings began.

Now the very same women save more than 2,500 shillings per week owing to the various business activities they are engaged in including the making of handicrafts and agro- business.

The general rule for acquiring a loan is that a member has to convince the group that she has something useful to do with the loan. Secondly she needs to have four sureties (wadhamini) from the group who sign contract which among others request them to take due responsibility in case the member fail to repay the loan.

In the case a member fails to repay the loan, her weekly shares are first taken away by the group in addition to that of her sureties. However, this has only appeared once at Jambiani in Unguja while Pemba it has never happened. Most of the members repay their loans in three months and if one fails giving reasonable grounds, the group gives her additional two weeks in which to settle the debt before further action is considered.

Mr. Omar Khamis, a Shehia leader of Kiungoni, Shehia in 2009 said WEZA changed the perception and status of his Shehia. Speaking to the project's representatives and the villagers, he said that before WEZA was established the women in his village were not involved in any business contrary and now every woman is struggling hard to earn an income and erase illiteracy.

Ms. Fatma Ali Haji (40) of the same Shehia narrated her experience while talking to Daily News recently. Fatma says her life has changed drastically from struggling to make ends meet to setting up business person while she save 15,000/= per week.

"WEZA taught us how to and utilise the resources around us. I now buy for basic items such as food and clothes for myself and my family," she said.

She sells coconuts and tailors clothes for women wiping out the old stereotyping of women staying indoors. She sells coconuts at Kiungoni and as far as Chake chake, Pemba South. An officer for Savings and Loans with Women Empowerment in Zanzibar (WEZA), Muhiddin Ramadan said on average members' savings stands between 1000/- and 5,000 each week. He said the saving shares were raised as a result of the increased income generating activities.

He says that the common business activities are locally made hand bags, spice based soaps, batik, rosella juice , liquid soaps and selling of fresh vegetables. As much as Zanzibar appreciates the achievement there are challenges which that need urgent redress. Mwanakhamis Mrisho, an officer from TAMWA mentioned the challenges as lack of reliable market of the finished products and low quality products to face stiff competition in the competitive market.

She attributed the challenges to financial constraints, lack of mobility and confidence calling for concerted efforts to improve the quality of women's products in order to be fully fledged entrepreneurs. She feels that the government in particular should put more emphasis in promoting women's products of these areas as well as introducing more women into the business world.

This will help the women fully utilise the Sunday market launched recently by the government at Mwembeshauri Grounds, Unguja Urban, which is albeit at its fragile stage. Most of the women currently do not have bank accounts as they consider still consider themselves poor. For the time being they are concentrating on expanding their businesses, building and or repairing their homes and taking their children to school.

Daily News


Ni miaka 23 sasa tangu umetutoka lakini sisi kama watoto wako pamoja na baba ulietuacha huku tunaona ni kama jana tu umeondoka maana umeenda kimwili lakini kiroho bado tupo nawe, na kamwe hatutaacha kukumbuka malezi yako bora!

Tukiwa kama familia (watoto wako pamoja na mumeo (baba)) daima hatuishi kukuombea DUA njema kila kukicha upate kupumzika kwa kwa amani huko uliko.

Ni matumaini yetu mungu anasikia dua zetu MAMA.

Ni sisi wanao wapendwa Mariam, Hussein, Salum, Mariam Hawa pamoja na Baba yetu (mumeo) Sheikh Suleiman hatuna la zaidi ila ni dua tunakuombea.


Salum Suleiman Lyeme (Sule Junior)
Entertainment writter (Freelance), Graphic Designer (Freelance) / Mwananchi Communication Ltd

Monday, 20 February 2012

A rare mind revelation from the Civic United Front

Interviewed by Mlimani TV station early this week about why his party recorded abysmal performance in the just ended by-election in Uzini constituency on Zanzibar island, Ismail Jussa Ladhu, deputy secretary general of the Civic United Front, declared that CUF didn’t win the seat because there are more Christians and churches in the area than Muslims and mosques.

It’s a rare mind revelation from one of the more highly trusted CUF officials, better educated than average and with considerable exposure locally and outside, becoming a symbol of what kind of leaders we have in this country.
It’s perhaps the clearest illustration of what some of the CUF leaders especially those who defected have been saying about this political party. They have accused CUF of being a Muslim-dominated party, saying it has a clear religious bias.

Though we don’t believe those allegations seriously because the Political Registration Act of 1992 has proper safeguards on such misdirected politicking, one cannot ignore even the more glaring signals, as in this case. The Act provides that any party that is statutorily identified with religious activities and faith partiality can’t be registered, but the revelation from Jussa confirms what its party dissidents, past and present, have all along critics have been saying.

Jussa simply wants us to believe that Christians are anti-CUF while Muslims are pro-his party. We thought and believed that those who have been voting for the party in the past elections in Tanzania did so because of being attracted by CUF’s policies.

But according to Jussa, it’s the opposite. He clearly believes that his party can win easily in those areas where there are Muslims in majority and Christians as a minority. Jussa might be right because being one of the members of the CUF’s inner circle; he has all the facility to understand why in some areas his party is popular while in others it registers abysmal performance.

What is appalling is that we still have leaders who believe in the politics of divisions along race, ethnicity and faith based issues, instead of advocating for a clear policy that will eradicate poverty as well as bringing prosperity economically, politically and socially.

From Jussa’s verdict, those who voted for CCM and Chadema are Christians because in Uzini constituency there are more churches and Christians than Muslims. While Jussa might have some details in the area’s demography or psychology which most other observers may not be aware, his comments can only be qualified, unavoidably, as totally unacceptable.

The point here is that if this is how politics is going to be managed in this country, then Tanzania is slowly descending into chaotic politics in future. It means that the CUF, when it has its back on the wall, is ready to abandon statutory rationality (policies), pluralism (non-racial and non-sectarian) attitude in favor of playing to the gallery of religion, to attract irrational fears and votes, with readiness for violence. All religious politics ends in violence, by definition.

That Jussa might statistically be right doesn’t count, but rather that his comments are unjustifiable if they represent the spirit of that political party, their line of action in the months to come – that is, in any future polls and in preparing for polls.

Those sentiments and the political orientation implied therein is what must be avoided at all costs and are consequently harmful to the political climate, to the peace and understanding constituting the reason both for the constitution and the formation of a Government of National Unity. He has simply shown how he treads in cheap politics of divide and rule.

In a country that has been battling and weathering serious allegations of religious division between Muslims and Christians in the history of the ruling party, Jussa’s comments serve to add petrol to the fire, worsening the situation.

Our leaders have to be careful about what they say to the public and what they shouldn’t, the sort of imagination they should keep to themselves, so that they don’t stir up the tiger of revolt that is part of politics, itching for a fight for whatever reason, so long as an important person has said it is right to burn and kill. They should be mature enough to distinguish between ‘pillow talk’ and public discussion.


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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stone Town

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zanzibar na Madawa ya Kulevya...

PALM Beach playboy and cigarette importer Mark Coulton has had drug conspiracy charges dropped after the case against him collapsed.

This is good news for his brother-in-law barrister Don Grieve, QC, and Grieve's wife, Dixie Coulton, who each put up $500,000 as caveats against their Paddington home.

Ms Coulton is a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney.

It comes as a the Sydney magistrate overseeing the case criticised the Australian Federal Police for "jumping the gun" against five men.

They had been accused with conspiring to import drugs from Zanzibar, Tanzania.

More New:

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Spice and Easy, a story of Zanzibar and Pemba - Rory Bremner

I've been very bad at arranging swanky holidays recently. That is, proper breaks, without the children. In fact, over the past 18 months, the sum total of Mr and Mrs Bremner's trips away have amounted to just four nights in the South of France and two nights in Harrogate. I'd highly recommend both, by the way, but they're hardly in the Hello! category.

When the chance did finally come for us to enjoy something more exotic, I faced an immediate problem - where, exactly, do you go for sunshine at this time of year? Political unrest in Egypt and the Maghreb, the bursting of Dubai's bubble and the likelihood of bumping into Michael Winner in the Caribbean have all conspired to narrow the choice.

Our criteria for a week's holiday were simple: less than ten hours' flying, preferably overnight; and a manageable time difference to somewhere offering both adventure and relaxation.

The beaches of India, the Maldives, Indonesia and the Far East were deemed too far, even though Burma looks tempting now that Aung San Suu Kyi's 15-year staycation has come to a welcome end.

Eschewing old favourites Cape Town and Morocco, we contacted Scott Dunn and plumped for Zanzibar off the East African coast. Great call.

Zanzibar - the original Spice Island. The very name conjures up exotic images in the mind's eye: tropical beaches, spice markets, dhow sails in the sunset. Well, what your mind sees is what you get.

In just under ten hours, good old British Airways had got us, comfortably and right on schedule, to Dar es Salaam, capital of Tanzania, where the tourists divide - some heading for the safari reserves of Ruaha, Selous or the Serengeti to see the animals (and the minibuses) in the Ngorongoro crater or climb Kilimanjaro.

Others, ourselves included, were transported to await our local onward flight in the VIP terminal.

This is in fact a basic concrete waiting room with open sides where birds hop in and out, a handful of Africans doze and a couple of locals sit chatting at a cafe called The Art of Coffee - the 'art' apparently being to dispense coffee with as much nonchalance and lack of interest as it's possible to muster. Welcome to Africa.

After a longish wait, our pilot arrived to tell us (reassuringly) that rather than wait another hour for fuel, we'd pick up some in Zanzibar before flying to our final destination: Pemba Island.

Read more: Daily Mail

Monday, 13 February 2012

Zanzibar Music Festival Faces Financial, Cultural Challenges

The Sauti za Busara music festival kicks off in Zanzibar this weekend - an event meant to promote Swahili music to a younger generation of Tanzanians raised on Western Top 40 hits. But the Stone Town festival has had a hard time connecting with a local audience, and is now facing funding challenges.

This weekend the ancient buildings and narrow alleyways of Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, are awash in the sound of music. This is Sauti za Busara, an annual festival that draws crowd from around the world to Stone Town’s old stone fort for four days of music, dancing and cultural celebrations.

Although Sauti za Busara attracts acts from across the continent, the focus here is on East Africa’s own Swahili music. Around two thirds of the artists performing are from Tanzania, many from Zanzibar itself. The musical styles on display range from traditional drumming and taarab, to hip hop and jazz.

The festival’s director is Yusuf Mahmoud, an Englishman who has been living in Tanzania for the past 14 years. He says the idea behind Sauti za Busara was not just to attract tourists, but to help locals appreciate their own musical heritage.

“When we started doing Sauti za Busara, I remember being very surprised that a lot of the young local artists were not really appreciating the value of the local music here. They were listening a lot to foreign music from Europe or the U.S. I think this has helped local artists to understand that what they have here is very special, very unique and very valuable, and something that is attracting people from all over the world," he said.

Now in its ninth year, the festival tries hard to attract local audiences. Tanzanian citizens pay less than $2 to get in, while foreigners are charged $26. Of the 4,000 people who attended Sauti za Busara last year, the majority were from Tanzania.

The festival is run by an NGO, Busara Promotions, which depends on private donations to keep ticket prices for locals low.

But lately, Sauti za Busara has been facing some serious financial challenges. This year the festival had to be cut from five days to four, and one of the events outside Stone Town had to be scrapped. Mahmoud blames these problems on the slowdown of the international economy.

“It’s been tougher and tougher, over the last couple of years particularly, to get financial support from international donors. It’s been also very tough to get financial support from local businesses. The global recession doesn’t just affect our festival here in Zanzibar, but all over the world people are struggling to raise money for cultural events," said Mahmoud.

But Amour Haji, director of a tour company in Zanzibar, thinks this is only part of the answer. Most Zanzibaris are Muslim, with a conservative culture at odds with the party-like atmosphere of an international music festival.

Haji says that despite Sauti za Busara’s efforts to reach out to local people, many still think of it as an event only for tourists. “The mass of the people of Zanzibar, they think it is not beneficial for them. It is a benefit for foreigners, not for the local people," he said.

Tourism to Zanzibar in February has grown by 400 percent since the festival was first held in 2004. Haji says that although local businesses do benefit from the added tourism revenue, few are willing to support the event financially.

“In economical [terms], we benefit. The event is a very major thing for the tourists. Many restaurants and many shops, they benefit, but they didn’t contribute anything," he said.

Still, some Zanzibaris say Sauti za Busara has succeeded in making people proud of their island’s music.

One local festival goer says it gives musicians a chance to show off their talents both to foreigners and to their own countrymen. “It benefits, because we are getting ways for participating in this festival and we show our skills for the whole people in Zanzibar," he said.

Despite Sauti za Busara’s financial problems, Mahmoud says the organizers will keep holding it for as long as possible, and do intend to maintain the festival’s local focus.

“We’re determined to carry on, and we’re also determined to carry on organizing a festival which is accessible for local people, which means we can never be fully sustainable through ticket revenue unless we make an event for tourists, which is not our primary intention," he said.

Around 30 groups are performing at Sauti za Busara this year. The festival runs through Sunday night.


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Friday, 10 February 2012

Ndivyo Tulivyo...?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sauti za Busara, Leo Jioni Ngome Kongwe

Picha kwa hisani ya John Pius

Zanzibar celebrates annual Busara Festival.

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Zanzibar started on Thursday to celebrate Sauti za Busara, a cultural fiesta, aimed at promoting East African music and culture attended by dozens of international art troupes on the autonomous islands off Tanzanian coast.

This year's festival kicks off at 4:00 p.m. at Kisonge Park with the largest ever carnival street parade in the region destined for the Old Fort, Stone Town, where four nights of non- stop live music will be held.

Director of Busara festival Yusuf Mahmoud said seven groups will perform inside the Old Fort for the first night, including Mkota Spirit Dancers from Pemba, the sister Island of Zanzibar, and artists from Cape Verde, Norway and Tanzania mainland.

About 30 groups are to perform in the adjacent amphitheatre at the Old Fort while Zanzibar will take the chance to showcase its unique culture throughout the festival with shows in different venues around town.

Sauti za Busara, which was formed in 2003, has been promoted as one of the friendliest festivals and has grown in leaps and bounds and enjoys an international following.

The annual festival also has played a major role in boosting local tourism with statistics showing the number of visitors to Zanzibar has increased dramatically.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sauti za Busara Kuanza Leo Usiku...

Tamasha la Sauti za Busara litaanza leo usiku katika kumbi mbalimbali za Mji Mkongwe na Ng'ambo.

Saa 1:00 Usiku: Bashraaf:- Mercury Restaurant.

Saa 2:00 Usiku: Black Root:- CCM Hall.

Saa 2:00 Usiku: Maulidi ya Homu:- Mtendeni Club House

Saa 3:30 Usiku: Kozman Ti Dalon:- Maru maru Hotel

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

OUT OF AFRICA: 10 Things NOT To Do While Traveling On Safari.

1.Cellphones, really?

The last thing you should be focused on when you're out on a safari is your Facebook feed or texting your friend—if you even get service. Virgina Haynes, of Montgomery Communications, a PR firm for safari outfits like Sabi Sabi, who has been on at least 10 safaris, said she was shocked by the number of travelers on their cell phones.

"I really feel that it is so rude," said Haynes. "You are in the bush, in the natural habitat with all of the wild animals and someone is sitting there tapping on their phone."

For most people, a safari is a once in a lifetime experience. You can check your phone later.

2.Don't be rude to the local people you visit.
McIntyre said the best piece of advice he can offer to travelers on a safari is to greet the locals in a polite manner. They will think you are very rude if you launch into a request or question without a proper greeting.

"That kind of greeting is really important especially if you learn to do it in the local language," said McIntyre.

"All you need to do, that translation of, 'Hello, how are you?' 'I'm fine, how are you?' Do it because people will think you are very rude if you don't."

Be sensitive to local customs and beliefs, and don't intrude on people's privacy.

3.Leave the animal print to the animals
"Don't go for a walk with your guide wearing zebra spandex, said Warren Green, who had a traveler actually go on a safari walk wearing zebra spandex. He thinks she might have been Russian. But really, leave the animal print to the animals.

McIntyre suggested that travelers bring comfortable clothes made out of natural fibers. They'll work better in the hot temperatures and will wear better since most camps do laundry by hand.

You should avoid bright colors or white and if you're going on a walking tour, clothing in khaki, green or brown will help you to blend in. But avoid the full safari regalia—it'll just look silly.

Allapat offered another useful tip: "When you go into Zanzibar, don't wear your tank tops and short skirts. It's a primarily Islamic culture."

4.Wilderness: "It's almost a spiritual playground"

"The wilderness means different things to different people," said Green. To guides it's often spiritual, so be respectful of the plant and animal life around you.

If you bring something in, make sure you bring it out with you. Your guide is not your trash collector. Carelessness of off-roading can lead to erosion and destruction of the habitat.

5.Don't be a New Yorker
If you're loud and obnoxious, you'll scare the animals and bother your guide and fellow tour members. You also might distract your guide, who needs to be mindful of his surroundings and the movement of the animals.

Also, if you're busy chatting, you might be missing something spectacular.

Read more: Business Insider