Tuesday, 31 January 2012

OUT OF AFRICA: 10 Things NOT To Do While Traveling On Safari.

1.Cellphones, really?

The last thing you should be focused on when you're out on a safari is your Facebook feed or texting your friend—if you even get service. Virgina Haynes, of Montgomery Communications, a PR firm for safari outfits like Sabi Sabi, who has been on at least 10 safaris, said she was shocked by the number of travelers on their cell phones.

"I really feel that it is so rude," said Haynes. "You are in the bush, in the natural habitat with all of the wild animals and someone is sitting there tapping on their phone."

For most people, a safari is a once in a lifetime experience. You can check your phone later.

2.Don't be rude to the local people you visit.
McIntyre said the best piece of advice he can offer to travelers on a safari is to greet the locals in a polite manner. They will think you are very rude if you launch into a request or question without a proper greeting.

"That kind of greeting is really important especially if you learn to do it in the local language," said McIntyre.

"All you need to do, that translation of, 'Hello, how are you?' 'I'm fine, how are you?' Do it because people will think you are very rude if you don't."

Be sensitive to local customs and beliefs, and don't intrude on people's privacy.

3.Leave the animal print to the animals
"Don't go for a walk with your guide wearing zebra spandex, said Warren Green, who had a traveler actually go on a safari walk wearing zebra spandex. He thinks she might have been Russian. But really, leave the animal print to the animals.

McIntyre suggested that travelers bring comfortable clothes made out of natural fibers. They'll work better in the hot temperatures and will wear better since most camps do laundry by hand.

You should avoid bright colors or white and if you're going on a walking tour, clothing in khaki, green or brown will help you to blend in. But avoid the full safari regalia—it'll just look silly.

Allapat offered another useful tip: "When you go into Zanzibar, don't wear your tank tops and short skirts. It's a primarily Islamic culture."

4.Wilderness: "It's almost a spiritual playground"

"The wilderness means different things to different people," said Green. To guides it's often spiritual, so be respectful of the plant and animal life around you.

If you bring something in, make sure you bring it out with you. Your guide is not your trash collector. Carelessness of off-roading can lead to erosion and destruction of the habitat.

5.Don't be a New Yorker
If you're loud and obnoxious, you'll scare the animals and bother your guide and fellow tour members. You also might distract your guide, who needs to be mindful of his surroundings and the movement of the animals.

Also, if you're busy chatting, you might be missing something spectacular.

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