Sunday, 21 April 2013


The Zanzibar President, Dr Salim Amour, has banned jeans and ornaments worn by secondary and primary school teachers, saying these were indecent and gave a bad example to children.

Dr Salim made the call recently when he was officiatingat the free education festival in Pemba. He said that the teachers' dressing in the Isles typified a great deal of moral erosion.

The president also expressed disappointment over the recent examination results which contained a majority of second and third class passes and ordered teachers and students to double their efforts to improve this. He urged them to seriously compete and use extra time to promote educational standards in the Isles. The Zanzibar government would extend an invitation to the State House for a tea party for all students who scored first class results in the future.

He also said that the government plans to build a university in the Isles to promote education as the world enters the 21 century.

9 October 1997

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