Monday, 15 March 2010

Tanzanian speaker praises unity

Visiting speaker of the Zanzibar, Tanzania, Ameer Kificho, has said that he have experience the unity that exists among the Maldivians during his stay in the Maldives. He advised Maldivians to sustain their sense of hospitality. In his press conference before departure he also said that there is a close similarities between the Maldives and the Zanzibar.

He also said that preserving the country’s culture and tradition is vital for the development and that the peace and stability in the country would be a catalyst in bringing home development.

When questioned on the message he will convey to Zanzibar Parliament after the visit he said that it would be the differences that exists in Zanzibar would not help in its development. He also said that Parliament is a place in which peoples rights should come first and that is exactly why Maldivian Parliament is known as “Peoples Majlis”.

During his stay in the Maldives Ameer Kificho had paid a courtesy call to Vice President Dr. Mohamed Waheed and Speaker Abdulla Shahid. He also met with the leaders of the parliamentary groups. Ameer Kipicho is visiting Maldives upon an invitation from Speaker Abdulla Shahid.

Source: South Asian Media

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